Developing the correct financial structure for your business is equally as important to your success as finding the appropriate capital resources to continue growth and expansion of your operation.


Chatham Partners L.L.C. is a privately held investment banking boutique founded by Wall Street executives, each with an average of 25 years experience at major investment banking firms. The firm has offices in New Jersey, Massachusetts, and North Carolina, and provides financial services to individual, institutional and corporate clients throughout the United States and most foreign countries.

Chatham Partners has the resources, skill and expertise necessary to advise its corporate clients on all phases of corporate and real estate finance activities. Whether the client is seeking capital for refinancing, expansion, or recapitalization, or is considering the purchase or sale of a business entity, Chatham Partners will review the alternatives and assist in accomplishing the optimum solution.

The professionals at Chatham Partners are experts at tailoring private transactions to meet our clients' specific financial objectives through proper structuring, pricing, and marketing of all levels of capitalization:

  • Debt
  • Mezzanine
  • Equity

We invite you to explore our company and services.

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